What does being cited or arrested on Catalina Island mean for you?


  • An early, inconvenient and expensive boat trip to the Island.
  • Missing work/school to appear in court.
  • Court is only in session every other Friday. If you miss your court date, there is no showing up the next day. See schedule here.

After all this, there remains the possibility Catalina court is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather.

What happens on Catalina does not stay there! As beautiful, quaint and remote as the Island is, an arrest or citation will follow you home. Please do not make the mistake many others make and ignore your court date. Bench warrants are issued at every court session, often up to $50,000.

You do not need to go through this hassle. In most instances, a private attorney can handle the case for you, beginning to end, without you ever appearing in court. But before you hire a private attorney to represent you on the Island, make sure he/she will actually appear. Many attorneys just hire “appearance attorneys” for a nominal sum while charging you an exorbitant amount for representation.


The courthouse is open every other Friday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, except court holidays. See schedule here.

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